Our facilities

Escuela Hípica Chapín, it has one of the best horse riding facilities in Andalucía at both basic and professional level. These facilities were modified to hold the 2002 World Equestrian Games that took place in Jerez.

Indoor Arena

Hípica Chapín has a large indoor arena which is 64 metres x 24 metres, excellent surface and regularly watered.It has a grandstand for 500 people. The arena is easily accessible by two entrances and it has lighting with 50 bulbs of 400w.

Outdoor sand arena

  • Main Arena: The main outdoor arena is 100 metres x 100 metres composed by Otto procosol geotextile sand.
  • Circle arena I: 18 meters in diameter exclusively to take the horse .
  • Circle arena II: Circle arena for ponies classes to youngest children which allows the monitor being close to the children. It is also dedicated to training horses or leave them free.
  • Square Arena: 290 m2 arena that can be used both low level classes and to release horses free.

Coffee Shop – Social lounge

Inside the indoor arena you can find a social lounge, that allows parents to watch the activities and riding lessons. It is also open on competitions days.

Private Parking

Near our school facilities, we have an exclusive area for parking vehicles customers.


There is an store with new items and second-hand equipment for equestrian sport.

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